Coaching with Terry

What is Nonviolent Communication coaching?

NVC Coaching is simply dialogue with an experienced coach to help you connect with what is most alive in you to help you to effect personal, relational or social change. If you want to connect with your authentic needs and values, and cultivate strategies that increase connection with others, enjoyment, and meaning in your life, NVC coaching is a very effective tool to help your reach those goals.

You create a relaxing environment that invites me to truly listen and try something new. It’s not only challenging, but it’s fun!
-J., on coaching.

For NVC Mastery

If you are learning to apply NVC in your life and relationships, coaching is the most rapid and effective tool you can have in your corner. I will help you review challenging interactions, master NVC concepts and make NVC an integral part of your life.

For Difficult Conversations or Relationships

Coaching can be used to prepare for a particular conversation (i.e., giving hard-to-hear feedback, addressing unwanted behavior, asking for what is important to you), or to resolve a broader issue requiring communication skills (i.e., developing skills and strategies for effective communication with a coworker or family member).

"I could not have found a better coach on Nonviolent Communication than Terry. She models what she teaches; she is compassionate and very insightful. It's a pleasure working with Terry."

For Personal Goals

NVC’s non-judgmental approach is well suited to help you set truly life-serving goals, to overcome barriers to achieving those goals, and to enjoy the process.

For Effective Leadership

Leadership of organizations requires self-differentiation and an ability to see the big picture. In addition to NVC, I can coach you in the application of Bowen Systems Theory to understand how people behave in organizations, and how you can become an effective leader toward the goals of the organization.

How is coaching different from therapy or counseling?

The goal of coaching is to empower the individual rather than healing the ill or solving problems. Coaching deals with current real-life situations, addressing the past only as it influences your present needs. Coaching has a learning component that leaves you better prepared for future challenges.

What is the difference between phone vs. in-person coaching?

Face-to-face coaching is an effective approach but it is sometimes hard to fit into our schedules. Phone coaching is more convenient and can be surprisingly effective. Call 949 400-3379 with questions.

What is the cost?

Your first 30-minute phone session is complimentary. After that, you have options. Choose a specific number of sessions at an agreed-upon price that meets everyone’s needs. Call to discuss options at 949 400-3379.