Compassionate Parenting Tools classes build skills and understanding for parents, caregivers, educators and heping professionals.

Wednesdays 10am to noon at the Center for Living Peace in Irvine.
Download the FAQ, Schedule, and Flyer.

Parenting in the Compassionate paradigm is not a tool for "getting kids to behave." It is a philosophy and practice for helping families create an environment of acceptance, consideration, respect, giving and caring, and for equipping children to become moral, competent and compassionate adults. Topics include:

• Connecting communication with children of all ages, in all circumstances
• Child development and how brain development is supported by empathy
• Making conscious choices as parents to parent our values
• Dealing with strong emotions (Parents and children)
• Lots of real-world examples

Our curriculum is from Echo Parenting and Education; all our teachers are Certified Parent Educators throught Echo. Contact Terry to help arrange a class for your organization or group of parents, or a free introduction for your organization.

Outstanding child care is included.

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